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Rocket is an easy grow crop ideal for pots and containers, perfect for beginner gardeners and a salad staple.

Tui Rocket Seed offers fast crops of peppery leaves. Pick a leaf at a time and the plant will regrow for continuous harvests.

Sow in seed raising trays, direct in the garden, or in containers if you're short on space.

Contains 500 seeds.



Read our rocket guide


  • Young leaves are great for salads.
  • Older leaves have a strong, spicy flavour.
  • Cut and come again.
  • Recyclable paper envelope.

Directions for use

Sowing in trays

  1. Prepare seed trays with Tui Seed Raising Mix.
  2. Sow seeds 10mm deep.
  3. Keep well watered.

Sowing direct

  1. Before planting work Tui Seed Raising Mix into soil.
  2. Sow seeds 10mm deep and 5cm apart.
  3. Keep well watered.

follow our growing from seed guide

Seedlings can be transplanted once they have two sets of true leaves.

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