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Feeding your Autumn Garden

Autumn is a major harvesting period for both fruit and veges! The garden will be full of delicious crops to enjoy and it's the perfect time to plant more for continuous harvests over the cooler months. 

Feed your autumn garden with Tui Performance Organics to keep it thriving throughout the season.

Autumn is an ideal time to plant veges like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, beetroot, spinach, chinese cabbages, bok choi and leafy greens. If you plant lettuce in early autumn you can get a good harvest from most lettuce varieties. It's also time to think about those winter crops and sow seeds for carrots, swedes, turnips and radish. 

Feeding at the time of planting

Give your new autumn crops the best start by digging some Tui Performance Organics Fertiliser pellets into the soil at the time of planting.

  • This 100% natural pellet stimulates root development and helps improves overall plant health. It contains the all important sheep poo to encourage earthworms and nourish your plants.
  • Tui Performance Organics fertiliser pellets will provide a slow release feed for up to three months and are safe to use in pots and containers as well as garden beds.

feeding existing crops 

Give your existing veges a boost to keep them thriving and continuously producing as they grow.

  • Apply Tui Performance Organics Fertiliser pellets every 6-8 weeks during the key growth periods of spring, summer and autumn, or when your plants need a boost.
  • Made from BioGro certified ingredients, Tui Performance Organics All Purpose Fertiliser Pellets combine fast acting natural sources of nutrients with slow release feeding to support rapid and consistent growth – the natural way.

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  • Harvest in 60-120 Days

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