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How to use the Tui In-ground Composter

Have you seen our Tui In-ground Composter? This handy system allows you to recycle your kitchen waste straight into your garden!

Perfect for smaller spaces. As the worms in your garden feed on the organic matter it creates healthy soil for your plants. Laura @thekiwicountrygirl shows how to set one up in the vege garden!

  1. Remove the Tui In-ground Composter from the box and connect the two sections together, so they click into place and are secure.
  2. Choose a spot in the middle of the garden for your in-ground composter.
  3. Dig a hole around 45cm deep and 20cm wide and bury the in-ground composter in the soil, leaving the flared section exposed.
  4. In the base of the in-ground composter, firstly add pre-moistened strips of newspaper, leaves, straw and compost.
  5. Place food scraps inside in-ground composter. You can add fruit and vege scraps, coffee grounds and crushed eggshells are all good sources of organic matter.

You don’t need to add worms! The worms already in your garden will travel back and forth through the feeding holes, composting your waste and delivering nutrients directly back into the garden.

Do not add citrus, onions, salad dressing or vinegar in your in-ground composter.


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How to use the Tui In-ground Composter Comments

  • Your presentations are much appreciated and most useful.

    John van der Burgh

  • We have two worm towers. It is all very well to say how to start it, but information is needed on how to move to another area. How is this accomplised when the worms are deep down in the tower, how to you retrieve them? The same information is required when you have a worm farm on how to get the worms to move to another layer so you can utilize the compost.

    Sandra Phyllis McDonald

    • Hi Sandra, worm towers do not need to be moved around the garden and can stay in the same place. When they eventually fill up empty the tower by scooping out the organic matter and worm castings, spread around the garden for a nutrient rich addition to the soil. It is the same principal as a worm farm, stop feeding in that particular tower 2-3 weeks before emptying or moving the tower, the worms will migrate to another food source. If you were to move the tower it you would need to be emptied out first as it is easier to shift when it is empty. I hope this information is helpful.


  • Love the new composter, I’ve been wanting to do this for so long but it all seemed in the too hard basket lol, this one is perfect, great, be interested to see how much of our scraps etc can be put in this composter, one wouldn’t want to be emptying it too often. I will definitely be looking into this new composting idea looks doable 👍

    Therese Teka

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