Propagate String of Pearls with Hollie


Multiply your String of Pearls plant for free!

Follow these simple steps with Hollie @hollielovesplants on instagram in her tiny house.

  1. Make a cutting after the fifth pea-like leaf. Take as many as you like!
  2. Fill your pot with Tui Indoor Plant Mix.
  3. Place the stems down on the soil. Optional: hold the stems down with wire cut and bent into U shapes.
  4. Water them once a week while they establish (before they start actively growing).
  5. Place them in a warm sunny position where the sun hits the top of the pot.

Only water your established String of Pearls every 2-3 weeks, giving them a deep water all the way through. Feed with Tui Enrich Pour & Feed Indoor Plant Fertiliser every second water.


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Propagate String of Pearls with Hollie Comments

  • These are the most fun plants to propagate. Aiming for a wall of them like the artificial ones, but much more satisfying.

    Dinah Isaacs