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Spring garden inspiration

We caught up with some gardening friends from our online community to find out how they’re breaking out of winter hibernation and springing into action over the warmer months!

Ezra @diyplantman Location: Auckland

As a small space gardener spring offers plenty of excitement as I plan out my 6x4m² space! For me, it’s important to select the right plants for the right places to maximise production. Before I buy my seeds and seedlings I’ll be mapping out my garden and assigning spaces to different crops, taking into consideration their size at maturity. I’ve found if you provide the plants with proper light, space, and healthy soil they really do thrive! I’m looking forward to growing Glass Gem Corn over summer which is a popping corn variety. I’m also going to focus on growing plenty of patio tomato varieties as these are a great space saver and grow well in grow bags.

Poppy @poppysfarmyard Location: Galloway

Spring is so much more than just a season, it’s a time for inspiration, action, and new beginnings. I can’t wait to get stuck in! This is my first season in my new Central Otago kitchen garden. First up is starting seeds for the raised beds and new tunnel house. This year I’m keen to experiment with more heat-loving crops like eggplant and capsicum. The process of nurturing and growth brings me so much joy and satisfaction. I’m also going to create a large no dig patch for crops that require more space. In the mini orchard I’ll level the ground and mulch around trees. To merge this space with the rest of the garden I’ll add a few whimsy pathways, bordered with flowers and decorative edibles.

Melika Location: Kerikeri

We have lots of exciting projects planned utilising natural resources to expand our growing space and make our garden a magical place for our kids. We’re building an arch using sticks and vines from around our property, which we’ll grow climbing summer veges on. We’re building teepees for peas using fruit tree and vine prunings, and will be adding more garden beds using old logs for the edges. More pathways using log pavers are on the list, lined with alpine strawberries, cherry tomatoes and bush beans for foraging. We can’t wait to get stuck in!

Stevie @likegrandmadid Location: Mid-Canterbury

I’m springing into action with loads of preparation and planning! Garden preparation involves chopping and dropping cover crops, adding compost and mulch, trimming overgrown perennial plants, and of course weeding! I’m also being mindful of soil health as I harvest the last of the yams and prepare to plant the early crops. Seed sowing has started and I can’t wait to crank into growing all the goodness this season. I plan to grow the majority of vegetables for our upcoming wedding, so this year’s planning looks a little different as we accommodate producing a lot more food later in the season. This means I’ll be using the early beds to produce leafy greens and brassicas, followed by carrots, parsnips and beetroot.

Terri @wild_waereas Location: Pahiatua

We’ve been giving the garden a facelift by extending our growing space, ready for spring. I want to incorporate more flowers into the māra kai, with a dedicated dahlia garden and pollinator patch. We’re extending the no dig garden, stoning the pathways and adding edging which will make everything level, keep it tidy and provide a weed barrier. And we’re going vertical! Hubby is making archways for along the back of the garden alleyway for all the climbing kai. Thoughts of new paths and extra beds for spring planting got me through winter!

Levi and Callum @therenoproject Location: Hamilton

As the vibrant days of spring emerge, we’ll be embarking on a thoughtful lawn maintenance routine to ensure a lush and thriving landscape. Weekly lawn mowing takes centre stage, keeping grass at an ideal height of around 50-60mm to promote healthy growth and discourage weeds. Pair this with a well-timed fertilising regime to fortify the soil and nourish the roots, and scheduling the irrigation system to water early in the morning or late in the afternoon to minimise water loss. Let’s not forget the art of precision – mowing the lawn with sharp blades to achieve clean, even cuts, for a velvety carpet-like expanse!

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