Tui Nectar Feeder

Tui Nectar Feeder

(3.5 out of 17 reviews)

Tui are a popular bird to attract in many Kiwi backyards. The Tui Nectar Feeder is a specialist feeder for nectar feeding birds like tui, bellbirds and waxeyes.

Nectar feeding birds love sugar water, especially when nectar flowering trees are out of season.


  • This feeder has a patented Bee Guard which prevents bees and wasps from reaching the nectar.
  • It is easy to clean and fill.
  • Suitable for all nectar feeding birds.

Directions for use

  • Dissolve 100g (approx. ½ cup) of white sugar in 1 litre of warm water.
  • Once cool, pour sugar water into the Tui Nectar Feeder.
  • If possible, place in or near a nectar flowering tree.
  • Make sure to replace the sugar water daily to prevent the spread of disease. 

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Tui Nectar Feeder reviews

(17 reviews)

    I read the reviews before I purchased the feeder back in February, it has taken a while for the birds to use it, we have tui and bellbirds feeding from it today, we have our own hives but haven’t seen bees or wasps around feeder.


    Very disappointed. Sadly, my feeder leaks dreadfully. I lose at least 25% of my nectar just screwing the jar on to the base and turning it over. I have stretched cling film over the thread to help make a better seal, but it’s still not great. The buttons don’t pop back into place as promised and while I can deter ants with a moat, I perhaps my Bee Guard is not working because wasps are just prolific. My feeder tray was full of wasps having a great feast! Also, bees and wasps are attracted to yellow, so surely this feeder should be bright red not yellow orange. The Tuis are attracted to the feeder but are quick to leave if ants invade. Im going to try petroleum jelly around the feeder to deter the ants. It’s a nice looking feeder, but I wish it was a more suitable design.---------------------------------------------------------------- TUI TEAM REPLY: Hi Arnie, thank you for getting in touch with your feedback it's much appreciated and we're sorry to hear that this product hasn't met your expectations, it's certainly unusual for the Nectar Feeder to have these issues. A member of our team will be in touch with you via email to discuss further. ^Tui Team


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