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Tui Pea Seed - Sugar Snap

Tui Pea Seed - Sugar Snap

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Fresh homegrown peas off the plant are hard to beat! Plant plenty of them - the temptation to enjoy a few before they make it to the kitchen can be too much.

Tui Pea Seed - Sugar Snap are easy to grow with sweet flavour and thick walled, crisp pods. Tasty raw or cooked, both pods and peas can be eaten.

Contains 100 seeds.



READ our pea guide


  • Tall growing variety up to 1m.
  • Both pods and peas can be eaten.
  • Thick walled crisp pods, tasty raw or cooked.
  • Recyclable paper envelope.

Directions for use

Sowing direct

  1. Before planting work the soil until fine and crumbly.
  2. Dig a layer of Tui Seed Raising Mix into soil.
  3. Sow seeds 2-3cm deep in rows 8cm apart. Provide support.
  4. Keep well watered.

Once established feed with a suitable Tui fertiliser.

Follow our Growing from Seed Guide

Note: This seed contains a fungicide coating as required by the Ministry of Agriculture. Do not eat seeds or feed to birds or animals.

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