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Tui Strawberry Straw

Tui Strawberry Straw

(1.5 out of 10 reviews)

Tui Strawberry Straw is ideal for mulching around strawberry plants in garden beds, pots and containers.

Tui Strawberry Straw suppresses weed growth, protects roots from extremes in temperature, conserves moisture and keeps fruit healthy to avoid fungal disease. It also adds nitrogen to the soil as it breaks down.

Made from 100% barley straw (may contain barley seeds).




  • Suppresses weed growth.
  • Protects roots from extremes in temperature.
  • Conserves moisture.
  • Keeps fruit healthy to avoid fungal disease.
  • Adds valuable nitrogen to the soil as it breaks down.
  • Expands to 4X the volume (sufficient for approximately 6 strawberry plants).

Directions for use

  1. Prepare soil for mulching by removing any weeds.
  2. Break off large handfuls of Tui Strawberry Straw and loosen to expand. Shake away from garden bed when you loosen to remove as many residual barley seeds as possible.
  3. Apply around plants to a depth of approximately 50mm.
  4. Take care not to leave the straw touching the stem of your plants as this can cause rot.

If barley seedlings do sprout, simply remove by carefully pulling them out.

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Tui Strawberry Straw reviews

(10 reviews)

    1/10 I have always used Tui Strawberry straw as I have over 50 strawberry plants. This year the straw I bought (and for everyone else I talked to) sprouted prolifically within a week and it was obviously barley seeds in the straw. Why is this so Tui?? Has it not been dried properly? Lots if people complaining!!

    David Barrow

    same experience as all the other reviewers with barley seedlings taking over my garden. avoid at all costs!!!


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