Can Tui Citrus Food be used on plants in pots?


Hi Tui, we grow our lemons and mandarins in pots. Your Tui Citrus Food says not to use on plants in pots or containers. What should we feed our citrus in pots?? Thanks for your assistance.

Dave MacLachlan


Hi Dave, the recommendation to not use blended fertilisers on plants in pots and containers is “best practice”. Essentially fertilisers are salts and can potentially burn plant roots when over-applied. Tui Citrus Food is a blend of straight fertilisers with on control mechanism, the nutrients release all at once and are taken up by the plant and excess is washed out of the soil through leaching. When a fertiliser is applied to the soil, the soil acts as a buffer and the fertiliser disperses out into the soil. In pots and containers, when too much fertiliser is applied the concentration of fertiliser (essentially salts) hits the pot wall and the high concentration can cause roots to burn. Tui recommends either Tui Novatec Premium slow release fertiliser or Tui Enrich Fruit, Citrus, Tree & Shrub fertiliser for plants in pots and containers, and Tui Citrus Food for plants in the garden. The Tui Team.

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Can Tui Citrus Food be used on plants in pots? Comments

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