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How can I treat bare patches in my lawn?


Hi, we have a two year old lawn that was originally a ready lawn. We have three dead spots which I think were caused by dogs urinating on the lawn. What is the best remedy to bring this back to life? Thanks, Russell.


Rake out the dead patches and break up the soil surface. Put Tui Lawn Preparation Mix over the patch to approximately 25-30mm deep. Firm down the area with the head of a rake or by stamping on the area. Sow Tui Superstrike Lawn Seed Easycare - our 200g Tui Superstrike Lawn Seed Easycare Patch Pack should be plenty unless it is a big area, in which we suggest Tui Superstrike Lawn Seed Easycare 750g. Make sure the seed is in contact with the Lawn Preparation Mix and water well. Continue to water depending upon the weather.

You can put vinegar in dogs water to help neutralise the urine and stop it burning the lawn.

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How can I treat bare patches in my lawn? Comments

  • Or instead of the vinegar (apple cider vinegar), put a pinch of baking soda into the dogs drinking water, about three times a week. This helps to prevent the acid build up in the dogs urine

    Glenda OBrien

  • Interesting read. How much vinegar should I use? Thanks in advance

    Veronica Fairless

  • Thank you for the above information, having just moved into a new home with ready lawn I have had the same problem. Am going to try your suggestion.

    Colleen Treacy

  • also give the dog the water to drink that rice has been cooked in, it helps prevent the acid in their urine, they can also eat the cooked rice


  • Hi Veronica, thank you for your feedback. Add a tablespoon of vinegar to your dog's water. Thanks, Tui Team


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