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What can be done to stop dog urine patches on the lawn?


Hi, a friend of mine has recently got a small female dog and she has asked me what to do about the dog urine patches in the lawn. I have read your suggestion to put vinegar in the water that the dog drinks but you do not say in what ratio the vinegar should be to the water. Could you please give the approximate quantities involved.



Hi Bob, the ratio is one teaspoon of vinegar per one litre of water. It might pay to check with the vet that it is okay for the breed of dog to have vinegar in their water.

Make sure there is a bowl of water without vinegar in case the dog does not drink the vinegar water. It is very hard to stop the patches as dog urine has a very high concentration of urea which burns.

There are lawn seed varieties being bred and in development now that tolerate high levels of urea, they are a few years off yet, so watch this space. Also worth trying is laying a patch of bark or lay a patch of artificial grass that the dog is taught to pee on rather than the grass. My dog doesn’t like the bark chunks, but goes on the artificial grass, a reward system worked well. I hope this is helpful. Lianne.

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What can be done to stop dog urine patches on the lawn? Comments

  • I have found that a plentiful supply of fresh water available to the dog, at all times, will dilute the urine and overcome the problem.

    Jill Robinson

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