How do I attract Tui to a nectar feeder?


Hi Tui, I bought a Tui Nectar feeder and placed it in what I think is a pretty good spot to attract Tui's. At our place we have at least 2 very active Tui at the north west corner of our house. We see them regularly coming close to the place where the Nectar Feeder is set up, but they never even seem to inspect it. Can you suggest anything I can do to attract them onto the feeder. We've had the feeder set up for almost 4 months. Thanks.

Paul Mead


Hi Paul,

Once Tui find your nectar feeder you won't be able to keep them away. Are you mixing a sugar solution of half a cup of white sugar to 4 cups of water? Is this being changed so that it doesn't ferment? I suggest placing some fruit such as apple or pear next to the nectar feeder and attract wax eyes to the feeder. Tui keep an eye on what the wax eyes are doing, if they come for the fruit, they will find the nectar feeder and the Tui will follow. Also try placing flowers that they feed on around the nectar feeder, flax flowers or bottle brush flowers are two easily accessed plants they feed on. If that fails, look at relocating the feeder, what we think is suitable may not be to the birds forĀ  whatever reason - too close to human activity, too enclosed and they don't feel safe. Maybe try it in the tree in the background if it is easily accessible. I have seen Tui feeding from a nectar feeder on a deck, on a feeding station like yours and hanging in trees. Once they find it, there will be no stopping them. Regards, The Tui Team.

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How do I attract Tui to a nectar feeder? Comments

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