What can I do to get rid of aphids in my greenhouse?


Hi Tui, my greenhouse is heavily infested - I can see lots of living and dead aphids on the veggies. I have pulled most out and disposed of them. What can I do before I plant anything there again?

Janet Jin


Hi Janet

Make sure there are no weeds in the glass house as these can be a host to insect pests. Remove the infested vegetables and any debris that may be present and dispose of these, do not add  them to compost. Talk to your local garden centre about a suitable spray to control the insect pests.

Try and rotate garden beds and leave one bed empty. Also companion planting can help deter insect pests. Planting marigolds with your veges has been known to keep aphids away. 

Make sure your tunnel house is well ventilated and plants don’t get heat stressed or stressed due to lack of water. Keep plants well fed with a balanced fertiliser, and regularly use Tui Organic Seaweed Plant Tonic to keep plants healthy. Also, add plenty of organic matter to the soil to replenish soil nutrients removed by the last crop.

Thanks, Tui Team.

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