Which fertiliser can I use on my new lawn?


Good morning, About 3 weeks ago I planted a new lawn, can you advise on what fertiliser to use on it now please. The topsoil was screened at purchase and I didn't put any fertiliser on it prior to sowing.



Hi Mo, newly sown lawns do not need fertilising as the seed has enough 'food reserves' to sustain the grass for at least 8-10 weeks. However, feeding the lawn does help it establish quickly, and the best fertiliser to use on a new lawn is Tui LawnForce New Lawns slow release lawn fertiliser. It slowly releases nutrients for up to 10 weeks, it contains a wetting agent to help maintain soil moisture, and seaweed extract to stimulate root growth. Blended fertilisers are too concentrated to use on a new lawn and should only be applied after the lawn is 14-16 weeks established. The Tui Team.

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Which fertiliser can I use on my new lawn? Comments

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