5 Steps to Planting Brassicas with Poppy

It's a great time to get your brassicas like broccoli, cauli and cabbage in the ground! 

Follow these simple steps from Poppy (@poppysfarmyard) and enjoy tasty fresh goodness from your own garden!

  1. Location - a raised bed in a sunny/ party shaded area is a good spot.
  2. Set your seedlings up for success with a good soak in Tui Organic Seaweed Pant Tonic.
  3. Prep your soil by digging in some Tui Performance Naturals fertiliser pellets and Compost.
  4. Planting! Handle seedlings with care and firm them into small holes in the soil gently. 
  5. Water your seedlings in well!

Brassicas are heavy feeders and will benefit from a liquid feed every two weeks with Tui Performance Naturals Tomato & Vegetable Liquid Fertiliser.

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5 Steps to Planting Brassicas with Poppy Comments

  • A very pleasant lesson on planting with Poppy.

    diane moore