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How to grow tomatoes from seed with Liz

Homegrown tomatoes are hard to beat! Learn how easy it is to grow tomatoes from seed with Liz @tiny_farmstead.

1. You will need seed trays, seeds, labels & a good quality seed raising mix like Tui Seed Raising Mix

2. If your mix is dry, fill tray to the top (when it's watered it will sink down).

3. If your mix is damp, leave 2-3 cm at the top.

4. Water well and allow to drain.

5. Don't compress the soil, so that the seed root can establish.

6. Sow seeds as directed on the packet and lightly cover with mix. 

7. Mist lightly to dampen the soil and place in a warm spot. 

8. Re-mist as needed so they don't dry out, in no time you''ll have tomatoes!

Follow our tomato growing guide here > 

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