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Tui Canary Mix

Tui Canary Mix

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Available in: 10kg, 20kg

Canaries like budgies make fantastic pets, especially for beginners. They live up to 10 years and come in a wide range of colours including yellow, white, blue, orange and red. The roller canary is considered to be the best singer with the Red Factor being the most valuable due to its colour.

Contains a high quality blend of: White Millet, Hungarian Millet, Rape Seed, and Linseed.

Directions for use

  • Canaries enjoy a varied diet and will eat most human food, however it is best to give them food designed for their breed.
  • Tui Canary Mix is made up of a healthy and nutritious mix of small seeds that canaries can easily digest.
  • They also need a lot of water. They have fast metabolism and can get dehydrated quickly.

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