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Tui Lawn Fertiliser

Tui Lawn Fertiliser

(3 out of 2 reviews)

Available in: 3kg & 8kg

There is nothing quite like wandering barefoot across your backyard savouring the feeling of grass between your toes. Tui Lawn Fertiliser is a premium blend of nutrients formulated to promote the establishment and growth of lush green lawns.

High levels of nitrogen encourage thick healthy growth, helps fight disease, and suppress weeds. Phosphorus supports strong root growth to give your lawn a solid foundation; and added sulphate of iron gives your lawn a deep green colour and helps control moss.

Feed your lawn and you’ll be enjoying the feeling of healthy green grass in no time.


  • Encourages root growth and deep green colour in your lawn.
  • Eliminates moss in your lawn.
  • N-P-K 8-3-3 + sulphur, calcium and iron.

Directions for use

When sowing:

  1. Prior to sowing lawn seed apply
  2. 70g (approx. 1/4 cup) per square metre of lawn.
  3. Rake into the soil.

Established lawns:

  1. Water in well after application.
  2. Apply 140g (approx. 1/2 cup) per square metre of lawn.
  3. Water in well after application.

Spread fertiliser evenly and follow the application rate. Over application can potentially burn your lawn. Avoid contact of fertiliser with paths, driveways, and other porous or hard surfaces as the iron content may stain.

Apply every 6-8 weeks during the key growth periods in spring and autumn.

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Tui Lawn Fertiliser reviews

(2 reviews)

    Hi. Applied this yesterday and watered a lot. Now have lots of grey lumps, look like stones? Is that what it goes like? And do they eventually disappear? Thanks------^TUI TEAM REPLY: Thank you for your email regarding Tui Lawn Fertiliser, this type of feedback is very useful for Tui Products. In reply to your question regarding the grey lumps in the Tui Lawn fertiliser, this product is a blend of different types of fertiliser to provide all of the plant nutrients required to ensure a healthy, lush lawn. These different fertilisers have different properties; some of these are powders and others are granules. The hard pieces that take longer to break down are likely to be a combination of Serpentine mineral and Phosphate mineral rocks. These Serpentine and Phosphate products are processed in New Zealand to change the minerals into plant available forms and are manufactured into small granules that can be mixed with other fertilisers and handled more easily than a dusty powder. These granules can be hard and take some time to break down, but this product is a great lawn fertiliser because it has Magnesium and Phosphate and also contains Sulphur, Calcium and some trace elements. These plant nutrients will be released over time and this will be happening even from the pieces which appear to still be whole and hard. Watering the fertiliser in well and regularly will help to wash the granules onto the soil and dissolve the plant nutrients from the granules. To ensure that the plant nutrients from the fertiliser are not lost from your lawn it would be a good option to mow without the catcher until the granules have been broken up or are no longer visible and have been distributed back into the lawn.


    It does not say it on the packet but this product will turn concrete etc orange with rust stains. It should come with a large print warning on the bag. You will then need to purchase at extra cost oxalic acid to clean the rust staining off. Do not use this product in a home garden. -----TUI TEAM REPLY: Hi Warwick, thank you for getting in touch with this feedback on Tui Lawn Fertiliser. We are sorry to hear of your disappointing experience with our product. As the fertiliser contains iron, there is the chance that it will stain certain surfaces if it comes into contact with them. For this reason we do include a warning on the pack under the Directions for Use: "Avoid contact of fertiliser with paths, driveways, and other porous or hard surfaces as the iron content may stain." We have also included this information on the website product listing page above. Kind regards ^Tui Team

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