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Tui Marigold Seed - Petite Mix

Tui Marigold Seed - Petite Mix

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Marigolds are well-known for the riot of colour they produce for around six months of the year.

Tui Marigold Seed - Petite Mix is a dwarf French variety in a mix of colours. This compact variety grows to around 25cm and is a reliable companion plant that keeps aphids away. Deadheading regularly will provide a longer flowering display.

Sow in seed raising trays, or sow direct in the garden.

Contains 200 seeds.



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  • Compact plants, growing to 25cm.
  • Excellent companion plant.
  • Deadhead regularly for longer flowering display.
  • Recyclable paper envelope.

Directions for use

Sowing in trays

  1. Prepare seed trays with Tui Seed Raising Mix.
  2. Sow seeds 5mm deep.
  3. Keep well watered.

Sowing direct

  1. Before planting work Tui Seed Raising Mix into soil.
  2. Sow seeds 5mm deep in rows 3cm apart.
  3. Keep well watered.

Follow our Growing from Seed Guide

Seedlings can be transplanted once they have two sets of true leaves.

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