Tui Quash Slug & Snail Control

(5 out of 3 reviews)

Available in: 400g

Have slugs and snails been munching on your carefully tended seedlings and plants, before you even get a chance to enjoy them?

With the active ingredient, Iron EDTA Complex, Tui Quash® is a revolutionary low hazard formula which effectively controls slugs and snails preventing them from ruining your plants, and is safer than alternative metaldehyde or methiocarb based slug and snail baits.

Tui Quash® lasts longer under damp conditions when slugs and snails are most active. When Tui Quash® breaks down, plants can utilise the Iron Chelate for healthy growth.

Use Tui Quash® throughout your garden to protect your seedlings, potted plants, vegetables and flowers and enjoy a slug and snail free garden!



  • Safer than alternative metaldehyde or methiocarb slug & snail baits.
  • Controls slugs & snails all-year-round.
  • Suitable for use in all areas of the garden.

Directions for use

  1. Use 50 Tui Quash® pellets (approx. 1 teaspoon) per square metre of garden.
  2. Sprinkle evenly around seedlings and plants, do not place in heaps.
  3. For the best results apply after rain or watering.

Apply Tui Quash® slug and snail control pellets regularly to stop slugs and snails from munching on your carefully tended plants.

Do not apply to the foliage of edible plants, or to plants close to harvest.


Tui Quash® contains a taste deterrent to deter consumption by children and pets. *Keep away from dogs as they may find it attractive to eat and it can be toxic if consumed. If an animal consumes the product contact a veterinary surgeon immediately.

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Tui Quash Slug & Snail Control reviews

(3 reviews)

    I've been using Tui Quash for years now. I find it is very effective for protecting my plants from slugs and snails. It works very quickly as pests prefer it to the plants. I have peace of mind that it is not harming the birds or our pets. I love this product.

    H. Robson

    Works very well on my vege garden and safe to use around my dogs! I work as a veterinarian and metaldehyde poisoning is awful


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