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How do I green up my patchy lawn?


Hi, my ready rolled lawn has been down for over a year and it is struggling. I fertilised with Tui Lawn Pro end of spring and again last weekend. I treated for grass grub start of autumn. The lawn is pale green and quite patchy. Should I use Urea, will this help? If so, if I mix with water and use, do I still need to water well in? Thanks :)

Kirsten Say


Hi Kirsten, the lawn may be patchy due to uneven fertiliser application, the best way to apply fertiliser is by using a hand held or broadcast spreader, the size of the lawn will dictate which spreader to use. If you apply urea you will get a lot of top growth and have to mow your lawn once a week, but you won't have the root growth to sustain the top growth. Granular urea is applied to the lawn and not mixed with water, unless it is a soluble urea that can be mixed with water. Tui recommends using the LawnForce range of fertiliser as they stimulate growth from the roots up, this way, lawns will have more drought tolerance in summer. If you want to rapidly green up your lawn use Tui LawnForce Rapid Green which comes as a slow release granule as well as a liquid hose on, it will green up your lawn in 3-5 days. How green your lawn is will depend a lot on what type of lawn seed was used in the Ready Lawn, some grass seed varieties are light green, some are dark green. Lianne.

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