My potted lemon tree flowers but I get no fruit, why is this?


Hi Tui. My lemon tree (potted) has loads of flowers which turn into bud but I get no fruit. What might it be lacking?



Hi Deborah, there could be several reasons why this is happening. How old is the tree? It is best to remove any fruit set on citrus that is 2-3 years established, so that the tree establishes a good root system as all of the plants energies go into producing fruit and it won't have an established root system to support fruit yield. It could be incomplete pollination by bees which don't work in windy conditions or in wet weather. Sudden temperature changes at the time of fruit set, such as frost. Irregular watering, even if it rains, the tree may still need watering and will benefit from mulch around the tree to help conserve soil moisture, use Tui Mulch & Feed. Make sure your tree is regularly fed using a balanced fertiliser, in pots use Tui Novatec or Tui Enrich Fruit, Citrus, Tree & Shrub. Feed in early spring (now), and again mid summer, early autumn (February March). Supplementary feed with Tui Seaweed & Fish liquid plant food, and Tui Seaweed Plant tonic to give an extra boost to your tree and help tolerate temperature fluctuations as well as promote flowering and fruiting.  

Tui Team

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My potted lemon tree flowers but I get no fruit, why is this? Comments

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