Why has my Meyer lemon tree dropped all it's leaves?


Hi, why has my Meyer lemon tree dropped all it's leaves, but the branches still look healthy and were healthy during the summer?



Hi Selwyn

Has the tree dried out at any stage? Has it been frosted? Is it planted in well drained soil? Has too much fertiliser been applied? These are some things to consider and can be the reason that citrus defoliate. Some steps that you can take to help your tree are making sure it is clear of weeds/grass as they compete for nutrients. Don’t feed the tree at the moment as it is still too cold but when you do feed your tree, feed around the drip line (the area where the foliage extends to). Weekly applications of Tui Organic Seaweed Plant Tonic at a rate of 100ml per 9L watering can will help stimulate root growth and the tree should start generating new growth. Then feed the tree using Tui Citrus Food at the recommended rate (don’t be tempted to over apply). Feed again in late summer. Lastly, mulch around the tree using Tui Mulch & Feed, this will help add organic matter to the soil and is a rich source of nitrogen.

Thanks, Tui Team 

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Why has my Meyer lemon tree dropped all it's leaves? Comments

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