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Tui LawnForce® Broadcast Spreader

Tui LawnForce® Broadcast Spreader

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Use the Tui LawnForce® Broadcast Spreader to easily and evenly disperse Tui LawnForce® fertiliser on your lawn. The rotating disc spreads fertiliser as you walk, while controlling and maximising coverage with the easy to use on/off trigger and spreader rate control. 

The Tui LawnForce® Broadcast Spreader is suitable for use on small to large lawns.

Recommended for use with Tui LawnForce® Fertilisers only.



  • Large capacity hopper - fertiliser hopper holds up to 4kg of Tui LawnForce® Slow Release Lawn Fertiliser
  • Easy to use - For simple and even application
  • Durable & sturdy - made from durable materials and with sturdy wheels 

Directions for use


(Refer to illustration A) 

  • Lay spreader down so it rests on the front of the hopper.
  • Lift the stand and insert the ends into the two holes provided on the frame.
  • Place the spreader upright on its wheels, raise the top half of the handle to the upright position and tighten the wing nuts.

For convenient, compact storage simply reverse these steps.


The Tui LawnForce® Broadcast Spreader can be used to apply the full range of LawnForce® Slow Release Fertilisers.
To get the best results, fertiliser should be applied evenly and at the correct rate as stated on the Tui LawnForce® fertiliser packaging instructions.

Do not use powdered fertilisers with this product.


  1. Select the application rate that is specified on your Tui LawnForce® fertiliser product.
  2. The spreader output using non-Tui products may vary. Using the selected spreader rate, check the output as follows. 
  • Mark out a know area in m2 on a hard surface, sheet of plastic, etc. 
  • Apply fertiliser over the area and weigh this amount.
  • Calculate the amount needed per m2.
  • Adjust setting up or down to increase or reduce the rate if needed.


(Refer to illustrations B-D)

  • Set spreader in the off position with the lever positioned away from the handle (B)
  • Check that the setting rate number is correct for the product you are applying (C)
  • Fill the hopper to a maximum of ¾ of its capacity. DO NOT fill spreader on your lawn.
  • Before you start, practice the recommended walking speed of 8m in 10 seconds.
  • The on/off control should only be used when the spreader is moving.
  • To avoid over application and possible damage, ensure the spreader is shut off when pulling backwards.

Refer to application tips for the best way to cover different lawn shapes.


(Refer to illustrations E, F & G)

The best method to apply fertiliser using a broadcast spreader is to apply a “header strip” at the end of each run to turn around. For rectangular lawns, apply two header strips across each end (illustration F) and for irregular shaped lawns, apply a header strip around the edge (illustration E).

Apply the product back and forth in the longest direction (illustrations E & F), shut off the spreader when you reach the header strip and open again once you are moving off the header strip.

To avoid missing any areas, overlap each strip by approx. 30cm (illustration G). You can check this by seeing where the fertiliser in falling on the lawn. For best results do not apply fertiliser on a windy day. Keep the wheel 1.5m from any area you do not wish to treat.

Caution: Do not apply product containing weed control around ornamental plants.

Note: Spreading width will vary due to weather conditions, product used and walking speed.


(Refer to illustration H)

  • Never leave product in your broadcast spreader, pour any remaining product back into the bag, seal, and store in a cool, dry place.
  • After use, wash thoroughly to remove any product clinging to the spreader (particularly to the axle). Hot water may be required to remove stubborn residue. Allow to dry completely before storing.
  • Lubricate the axle bushings regularly with a light spray lubricant. Do not use heavy oils or grease as they can attract debris which could cause premature wear.

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