Tui Tomato Grow Tower

Tui Tomato Grow Tower

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The Tui Tomato Grow Tower is a self-watering and simple to grow and support your tomatoes. 

The extendable support tower allows your tomatoes to grow up to 1.5 meters. Perfect for patios, court yards or small spaces.




  • Self watering pot with extra large 8 litre water storage.
  • Extend the support tower as your plants grow to 1.5 metres.
  • Suitable for all tomato types.

Directions for use

Directions for growing tomatoes

  1. Remove the black insert from the base of the pot. Take out the twelve risers and four support rings.
  2. Re-fit the black insert into the pot taking care to align the holes in the side of the pot with the raised insert.
  3. Insert three risers into the holes in the base of the pot.
  4. Water your plant thoroughly before potting and allow to drain. We recommend one tomato plant per tower.
  5. Partly fill your pot with Tui Tomato Mix.
  6. Gently take the plant from the current pot, loosen the root ball and remove any loose or dead plant material and roots.
  7. Position plant in the centre of the new pot and fill with Tui Tomato Mix up to 3cm from the top. Water well and ensure the reservoir is filled. Water regularly and top up the water reservoir as required.
  8. Fit the first ring into the risers and as your plant grows add additional risers and rings.
  9. Fertilise with Tui Enrich Vege, Tomato & Herb Controlled Release Fertiliser.

Video instructions on how to assemble: 


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Tui Tomato Grow Tower reviews

(3 reviews)

    I have four of these and they're working great! I noticed that roots make their way to the water so treated them a little more hydroponically using low N and high P K (usual tom food goes high N which is just leaves). The normal ones are going great guns, maybe three foot and with 10-12 toms and super happy early in the seasons, the others almost scare me - maybe 5 foot and around 120-140 toms on them each. Will never go back!


    Love it! We bought one last year, and the wicking system works great during summer. We bought another one this year.


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