Top Tomato Varieties

Spring is the perfect time to plant tomatoes for summer. Tomato varieties vary in size, colour and flavour. Choose a variety based on your cooking and taste preferences. Discover our top picks for this spring below.

Big classics

  • Moneymaker - a tall growing variety and heavy producer of smooth, medium sized flavoursome tomato. 
  • Beefsteak - a very popular and reliable tomato which produces large flavoursome tomatoes. Will need staking.
  • Russian Red -  reliable in cooler climates, Russian Red is a hardy tomato producing heavy crops of good flavoured round fruits.

Small spaces

  • Patio Prize - perfect for small spaces including pots and containers. A compact plant the produces tasty slicing tomatoes.
  • Dynamo - a compact plant that produces plenty of bright red fruit.
  • Tumbling Tom – also a hanging basket tomato, this tomato seems to have it all, producing plenty of sugary sweet fruit.

a change from red

  • Black paste – a dark skinned plum tomato, revered by chefs and foodies for its slicing ability.
  • Indigo Fireball - one of the most interestingly coloured tomatoes available, the yellow fruit features indigo pigments that are high in antioxidants. The small clusters of plum shaped tomatoes produced are delicious.
  • Golden Pear Drop - a trailing tomato variety ideal for pots and containers, Golden Pear Drop is a high yielding tomato producing sweet pear-shaped, yellow fruit.

Lower acid

  • Roma Acid Free - full of flavour, this is an early-mid season variety that produces dark, red oblong shaped fruit that is acid free. 
  • Golden Low Acid - a golden coloured low acid tomato option that produces large fruit with mild flavour.

Cherry favourites

  • Sweet 100 - growing on a vigorous bushy plant, Sweet 100 produces an abundance of sweet and juicy cherry sized tomatoes perfect for salads and summer snacking.
  • Gold Nugget - a golden cherry tomato that produces delicious tomatoes both quickly and prolifically. Grows to 100cm. 
  • Black Cherry - A dark cherry tomato, producing an abundance of sweet rich flavoured fruit on a tall plant.


  • Bloody Butcher - a heirloom variety of tomato produces medium sized, deep-red skinned flavoursome tomatoes that ripen quickly so this variety - ideal for areas with a shorter summer.
  • Yellow Pear – an extremely old variety, producing enormous numbers of bright yellow, bite-sized tangy sweet fruit. Perfect for summer party hors d'oeuvres.
  • Mortgage Lifter - an old and proven variety that produces large sweet flavoured tomatoes.

If you're looking for an early harvest Early Girl is your tomato – a prolific cropper that produces early maturing dark red fruit.

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Top Tomato Varieties Comments

  • Moneymaker, Beefsteak, Tumbling Tom are all good varieties of tomatoes, cost depends on the economics..cost of the plants, soil health, fertiliser added personal preference as to variety of tomato that tastes the best.

    Christopher Robb

  • Where can I get sweet million? I grew them a few years ago but haven't been able to get the seeds since. To me they were the best tomato ever. A bit bigger than sweet 100 but just as sweet.

    Joan Manson