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Tui Grow Guides - How to grow successful citrus

Trees laden with juicy fruit are a quintessentially Kiwi addition to many home gardens. Whether it be lemon, mandarin, orange, lime or grapefruit, there's a world of fruit to suit you. Let's take a look at how to grow successful citrus.

1. Choose a variety of citrus that suits your garden, taste and cooking preferences.

2. Citrus are frost tender and will do better sheltered from the wind and in a consistently sunny spot. 

3. Before planting, clear any weeds and grass. If planting in the garden, dig a hole twice the depth and width of the root ball of your plant. 

4. Dig in Tui Compost and Tui Citrus & Fruit Mix to the hole, which contains the necessary nutrients for flower and fruit development. 

5. Before planting soak your tree in a bucket of Tui Organic Seaweed Plant Tonic to help prevent transplant shock. Gently take the plant from it's current container, loosen the root ball before placing in the hole.

6. If planting in a pot, half fill with Tui Citrus & Fruit Mix, place the tree in the pot before filling with mix 3cm from the top. 

7. Citrus plants throve when fed as they need higher levels of potassium and magnesium. Use Tui Enrich Fruit, Citrus, Tree & Shrub for citrus in pots or Tui Performance Naturals Citrus & Fruit Fertiliser.

8. Mulch around your tree with Tui Mulch & Feed to stop weeds and condition your soil. Water your tree well, especially over summer. 

Follow our citrus growing guide here > 


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