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Fresh & Fragrant Bundle

Fresh & Fragrant Bundle

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Bring a flavour punch to your meals and drinks over the cool seasons with fresh, homegrown herbs. Start sowing now for the cooler months ahead.

This fresh & fragrant seed bundle includes:

  • 1 x Tui Parsley Seed - Italian - a well known variety full of flavour. A favourite in European and Mediterranean cooking, harvest as required and the plant will regrow.
  • 1 x Tui Coriander Seed - a fresh and fragrant herb with a delicate sweet flavour. All parts of the plant are edible, from the roots to the stems, leaves and seeds.
  • 1 x Tui Chives Seed - an edible and decorative herb with mild onion flavour. A cut and come again crop - the plant will regrow for continuous harvests.
  • 1 x Tui Mint Seed - Common - an easy to grow herb with versatile flavour for cooking, preserves and drinks. Grow in a pot to prevent it from spreading through your garden.

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  • Cool season staples
  • Continual harvest, can cut and come again
  • Handy bundle of Kiwi favourites

Directions for use

Sowing direct

  1. Before planting work the soil until fine and crumbly.
  2. Dig in a layer of Tui Seed Raising Mix.
  3. Sow seeds as per individual packet instructions.
  4. Thin out plants as they mature, if required.
  5. Keep well watered.



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