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Beginner's Guide to Lawn Fertiliser

If you’re after a top-notch lawn don’t forget to top it up nutrients to keep it looking its best. Like plants, lawns will benefit from care throughout the year, including feeding and watering.

Follow our guide to choosing the right fertiliser for your lawn.

Feeding your lawn with a specialised lawn fertiliser will not only promote healthy growth and a lush green look but will also create a thicker lawn that has a better chance of keeping weeds, pest insects and diseases at bay.

The key seasons for lawn maintenance including feeding are autumn and spring when lawns are actively growing.

Cost effective

Tui Lawn Fertiliser delivers the essentials for your lawn. It's formulated with a blend of nutrients to promote the establishment and growth of lawns.

High levels of nitrogen encourage thick healthy growth, helps fight disease, and suppress weeds. Phosphorus supports strong root growth to give your lawn a solid foundation; and added sulphate of iron gives your lawn a deep green colour and helps control moss.

Apply every 6-8 weeks during spring and autumn. Water in well after application.

Feed & forget

Engineered with convenient slow release fertiliser prills Tui LawnForce® Slow Release Lawn Fertilisers feeds your lawn for up to three months. This sustained feeding, means less frequent application.

The ProGrade formulation is trusted by major golf courses and sports arenas across the country, so you can rest assured you’re selecting the optimum lawn fertiliser for your backyard.

Apply in spring and autumn and choose from four variants: All Purpose, New Lawns, Rapid Green or Weedkill.

Feed & weed

Feed your garden and eliminate weeds at the same time for the ultimate lawn envy! 

Tui LawnForce® Weedkill Slow Release Lawn Fertiliser includes a selective weed killer that eliminates common broadleaf weeds from invading your lawn.

Common broadleaf weeds controlled:
Hydrocotyle, mallow, ground ivy, thistle, capeweed, chickweed, fat hen, staggerweed, plantain, catsear, fumitory, cobblers peg, pearlwort and wireweed.

For a convenient liquid option to use with your hose try Tui LawnForce® Prickle Kill & Lawn Feed.

Handy liquid

For a liquid feed and green-up that offers rapid results, our handy hose-on Tui LawnForce® Max Green Liquid Lawn Fertiliser.
Engineered as a convenient liquid formulation to green up your lawn in as little as three days, and containing essential nutrients for up to 12 weeks sustained feeding.

Simply attached your hose to the hose-on applicator and follow the instructions on pack.

Discover more lawn advice with the Tui LawnForce® Hub