Keep your summer strawberries coming with Candy

Keep your strawberries coming in to the heat of summer with Candy's (@nzgardener) tips including feeding, companion planting and more.

If you’ve been enjoying juicy berries this summer follow these tips to keep them coming! 

1. Now is a great time to give your strawberries a good feed of Tui Strawberry Food. For strawberries in containers Tui NovaTec or Tui Enrich Citrus are good options.

2. Berries love sunshine! Unripe or unflavoursome berries could be due to lack of sunshine. I like to pop my berries on top of the leaves to give them a good soak and keep them up off the ground.

3. Companion planting! Good companions for strawberries are onions, borage and marigolds. These will help bring the bees in, add a pop of colour and will aid with pollination of your berries.

4. Make the most of the runner plants your strawberries put out by snipping them off. Plant them into Tui Strawberry Mix with a good soak of Tui Organic Seaweed for plenty more strawberries.

Don't forget to plant some flowers for the bees, some trees for the future and have a happy garden time.

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  • Have just read my first note from Tui, really enjoyed it, thanks.